How to operate the fiber laser cutting machine correctly?

As a high-tech product, fiber laser cutting machine is widely used in the entire sheet metal processing machinery manufacturing industry. Therefore, how to use the shock correctly and safely is the main concern of customers. The following are some operating principles of jiatai Laser:
1. Please follow the instruction manual of the laser cutting machine and start the machine in strict accordance with the procedure.
2. The personnel operating the equipment must be trained by the laser cutting machine manufacturer before operating
3. When processing metal, the operator must wear necessary protective equipment, such as protective glasses, etc.
4. Do not use the laser cutting machine without protection. It needs to be processed after anti-radiation treatment.
5. After the laser cutting machine is started, a full-time staff must be present. If you need to leave, you should turn off the device
6. Near the laser cutting machine, a hand-held or other type of fire extinguisher should be equipped.
7. Once an abnormality occurs during the processing, please stop the machine immediately and ask a professional for inspection.
8. The laser cutting machine equipment must be cleaned in time after production to prepare for the next processing.
9. The laser tube, auxiliary gas and other consumables need to be checked regularly.
10. When the laser cutting machine is working, pay attention to whether any part observed by the monitor is abnormal
Only by mastering the normal use of the laser cutting machine can we create more value for the enterprise.