Irregular products auto marking

The labor cost going high everywhere day by day, labor charge is one of main cost of many products, adopt automation production line to replace manual work is best way to reduce labor cost. laser marking for electronic parts is popular at present, but the electronic parts have different shape, currently user have to use manual to load working piece for laser marking because of the product's shape, electronic parts usually is large quantity, manual loading reduces production efficiency and increases production cost, auto-loading and marking for irregular products became to many user's desire. 

For meeting many customer's requirement, Jiatai have special establish R&D team for developing automation system according to customer's particular product, like as this capacitor auto-marking system, it fulfilled auto-loading / auto-marking in together, does not require manual intervention during the working process, compare to manual work that one machine need 2 persons, this automation system one person can watch multiple machines, for long time counting it can save lot of labor cost for user!   

capacitor-1.jpg   capacitor-2.jpg   capacitor-3.jpg