Glass tube Co2 laser cutting & engraving machine




    This model CO2 laser cutting machine is special designed for some big or round item what the normal model can not do,  this model’s working bed adopt hight adjustable design, can be according to the thickness of workpiece to adjust the hight of working bed,provide operation space for  engraving on irregular products, such as woodcarving, acrylic trophy and some handicrafts, also can be provide space for attach rotary axis for engraving round objects,meanwhile this model have all functions of normal model, its multi-functon machine.


Central control panel 

    Integrated Main power / laser power  adjusting / exhausting pump in together, most convenient and easy operate machine



      After continuous improvement    and combined with the practical use experience of users, Jiatai not only  optimizes the machine in structure,  also has several optimized designs   in function,  like as working table    level easy adjusting design / wifi      data transfer / air blower automatic control / easy exhaust pump             switch etc., these improving makes Jiatai’s machine became to most      easy use machine in market,