Pre-marking auto feeding CO2 Laser cutting machine

Model No.: S1325AF


    This CO2 laser cutting machine equiped with inkjet pre-mark system and auto feeding net belt, can be make ink mark on material before laser cutting  it to pieces, this ink mark is useful for subsequent process in many industries, like as garment industry / shoes industry / lady bag / cloth dolls manufacturing / industry filter and so on where have many small or similar parts cutting together, this ink special adotp water-melting and thermosensitive ink, it will be remove automatic by water wash or ironing easily (remove automatic when temperature over 65℃), more over, we consider about such big working area if loading material by manpower it will be take lot of time, we designed this model equiped with auto feeding system, it will loading from material roll automatic after complete one working eara cutted, its best option for these industry where require.



Application field:

   Leather, automatic cutting machine, cutting machine, laser cutting fabrics non-woven fabric cutting machine,      laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine, sponge cloth cutting machine, cutting machine, EVA cloth, car floor mat cutting machine, laser cutting machine clothing laser cutting machine, ribbon punching machine, belt            punching machine, automatic cutting machine, functional fabric laser cutting, laser cutting flame retardant cloth, waterproof fabric laser cutting, etc.