Vacume adsorption CNC router machine

Model No.: SV1325-60VS

   This model router machine adopts vacume adsorption working table, have air slot on full working table,  when material put on this working table it will fixed by atmospheric pressure proper,  the mechanical clamper is not required in this machine, load material easy and fast, material can be keep flat in full format, don’t have clamper abstruct in edges of material, saved loading time and material,  this’ perfect solution for those designs which in full format size.、

Features: 1.Clamping free   2.Powerful partition adsorption   3.High power vacume pump



1. The machine is made of high quality 6-8mm steel pipe with thick wall and seamless welding, which has high stability. 

2. Vacuum adsorption platform adopts industrial polyphenolamine grease board table, high temperature deformation, high flatness. 

3. Independent control cabinet, built-in high-speed convection fan, to ensure the long time processing performance of electrical components is stable. 

4. Standard industrial and military power filtering system to prevent power interference. 

5. Standard electronic tool setting instrument and positioning cylinder, standard automatic centralized oil supply system.






1.Quality Control

   Skilled and strict Quality Inspection Team is available during the material purchasingand production procedure. All finished machine we delivered are 100% strictly tested by our QC departmentand engineering department. We will provide detailed Machine pictures and Test videos to customers before delivery.

2.OEM Service

   Customized and OEM orders are welcome due to our aboundant experiences.All the OEM services are free, customer only need to provide us with your logodrawing. function requirements, colors etc. No MOQ required.